Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Paris and I have met before but in the three years since my last visit I like to think I have grown as a traveler and a blogger, or at least hope so! I previously wrote about my trip in general but today we are going to cover my “second round” travel tips for Paris! Tip #1: […]

Food For Thought

Amongst other travel necessities it is always smart to travel with a foodie, and luckily I have one! What is a foodie? They are someone with a keen taste in what’s delicious and where to find it, kind of like your own Buzzfeed article! My long term foodie is Zaneta, and she lived up to […]


A couple months ago a friend of mine approached me and asked if I would like to take part in a new project she was putting together. Of course I accepted and am horrible at keeping secrets so today I am elated to announce the project is ready for the public’s eye! Allow me to introduce […]

Summer School

Cambridge is nothing less than an inspiring University. If watching my friend get her Masters degree in a year wasn’t impressive enough, the long list of famous scholars that have attended the University is… Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall and Stephen Hawking to name just a few. Though I am not a student at Cambridge I […]

Taaluma Totes

Find me a person who doesn’t get excited when they see a package on their doorstep and I’ll turn them around and show you a crazy person. I was buzzing with so much energy when I found this box that my pup was elated too and joined me for the unveiling of my new luggage! Ta-da! […]