California’s Gold | Eureka! No Gold Here!

Huell Howser and I were on the same page when we both pinned the town of Eureka as a place to stop along Highway 101.

Marked as stop number 15 on the California’s Gold road map, this throwback of a town is not only home to Lost Coast Brewery and the Samoa Cookhouse but is has its own mansion!

Originally in the business of gold, William Carson moved to California hoping to strike rich like all the other “miner 49ers’ (welcome to every history class a California kid has) , but he made his fortune in something else: redwood! After creating an empire, the Carson Mansion was built as a home for Carson and his family, with a grand view over looking The Pink Lady, the bay and his lumber mill.


Now the Ingomar Club, this green, Victorian style home has always been a stop for my family, and a daydream of my sisters; that she would one day own it and paint it blue. As for me, I was all “heart-eyes” for The Pink Lady, the pink Victorian home that was a wedding gift to one of the Carson’s sons, located just across the street.


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