A 7 Day PNW Manifesto

I recently planned a 5 day trip through Oregon and Washington and while we had plenty of fun I think 7 days would have been ideal! The following is my seven day version of the condensed one we followed. Day One: Leaving from the Bay Area, drive north to Bend, Oregon (8 hours, give or […]

Learning Curve

Just like everyone else I’ve been adapting to life’s recent changes brought on by Covid-19. At the very beginning of it all –for me it was March 15th– I told myself this was a great opportunity to sit down and do some organizing (surely I’m not alone in this idea). I’d sit down and sort […]

How to Find Pow!Wow!

I don’t think I’ve ever published anything about Pow!Wow! before, but I’ve definitely intended to. The annual street art festival grew out of Honolulu back in 2013 and has spread internationally– luckily to my backyard! Pow!Wow! San Jose started in 2017, the same year I moved there for college, and I have plenty of unpublished […]