Fall into Half Moon Bay

I’m a summer girl. I love the heat, the sunshine keeps me smiling, cool drinks with friends in cute sun dresses, I simply love the summer! But my birthday is at the beginning of October and though I’m a scaredy-cat when it comes to all things spooky and Halloween I chose to embrace my Libra-season and went all out Autumn for my birthday itinerary with a trip to Half Moon Bay!

Arriving by 11am: We visited Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch and loaded up our wagon with a variety of colors and shapes. There are also plenty of pumpkin rows, hay bales, corn stalks and even a teepee for photo ops! Be sure to bring cash along to pay for your haul and while you can barter with Farmer John, be sure to be respectful. This is his livelihood after all!

Tip: the earlier in the day the better, and a weekday is the best for crowd control!

It wasn’t until after we loaded our pumpkins into the truck that I decided to ask an employee if they were selling clippings from the little flower field tucked behind the pumpkins and they said YES! For a dollar a dahlia I filled up the mason jar they provided with the prettiest flowers imaginable!

Around 12:30pm: Pumpkins and flowers in hand we headed south just a few miles to Cameron’s Pub and Restaurant for a nice covid-friendly lunch. With tons of outdoor seating available we sat ourselves next to their double decker bus and indulgenced on the carb-iest lunch I could curate hence why I can definitely recommend the lobster macaroni and cheese!

2pm: After a Guinness or two we slowly made our way back home while stopping at any patches that caught our eye along Highway 92

2:30pm, midway through the San Mateo Bridge: Clearly not through with the day’s pumpkin theme quite yet we stopped by Buffalo Bill’s Brewery in Hayward and picked up a six pack of their seasonal Pumpkin Ale.

By 3:30 we were home and ready for a nap (don’t forget this was a birthday celebration aka reminding me I’m another year older and require naps) but I was a very happy camper with a variety of pumpkins, a stunning bouquet and some heavenly spiced beer!

Bonus Itinerary Idea: Visit The Happy Dahlia Farm in Petaluma to pick some beautiful dahlias, maybe even pack a picnic lunch on enjoy near the flower field, then head into downtown Sonoma and visit SIGH. Champagne & Sparkling Bar for some bubbly! This was my original birthday plan before California’s fire season started early.

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