Breath of Fresh Air(bnb)

If you’re a hospitality & tourism nerd like me then you’re probably aware of the controversy that surrounds Airbnb… and if you’re not, well I don’t blame you it’s not the normal type of news that makes headlines. I could go on for days* about the arguments for and against the homestay website and while some people swear by Airbnb others prefer to swear at it.

*you’ll have to let me know if you care to know more– if so, I’ll go into detail in another post, but to avoid the risk of boring you I won’t do so now

For the most part I am a supporter of the homestay idea. On my most recent trip to Europe we made four reservations across the same number of countries and as mentioned they were all “Rare Finds”, yet available, because of the time of year we chose to travel.

We started off in Brussels, Belgium with the most aesthetically pleasing studio apartment, barely a 10 minute walk from The Grand Place! Everything was perfect, right down to the communication with our host who allowed us to check in early due to our morning arrival!





While in  Luxembourg City, Luxembourg we picked an Airbnb located in the Grund area, fit snugly between the fortress walls and the river. Thanks to Google Images we knew it’d be cute but we were blown away by the fairytale-esque views!

Again, our host made it possible for us to check in early as he met us at the door to take our luggage and treated us to a drink at the local pub while he finished the final touches.





We finished off our trip with a quick one night stay in Paris, France. Despite our lack of time there we had we made a point to obtain the most Parisian view available– straight from our 6th floor studio apartment! Though we weren’t directly located in all the hustle and bustle we welcomed the sunny weather and made the three mile walk along the Seine towards the Louvre.



We were continually shocked and smitten with our Airbnbs that provided us with homey and safe feelings during our travels. As two females traveling together safety and security are a huge “must” and that was not overlooked by any of our hosts or accommodations.


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