Best of Bruges in One Day

For about $20 and an hour long sit on a train you can skip out of Brussels for the day and visit the fairytale-esque town of Bruges. Our goal was to plan a day with a mixture of historical topics, delicious food and beer, and of course plenty of pretty sights! The day panned out […]

Forgotten Fotos

I recently finished off a disposable camera that I’ve been carrying around since January 2015 (good work, memory) and took it to be developed. I’ve talked about film with you all before but just to summarize; back in high school I learned how to shoot black and white film with a manual camera, and with living […]

Ratatouille…It Sounds Like “Rat” and “Patootie”

Just over two years ago a highly anticipated expansion exclusive to the Paris park was opened in Walt Disney Studios, a space dedicated to Paris’ own “Little Chef” from the Pixar film Ratatouille! The pavilion is charming with its popping champagne bottle fountain and French street artists that will sketch your silhouette, along with an amazing […]