Forgotten Fotos

I recently finished off a disposable camera that I’ve been carrying around since January 2015 (good work, memory) and took it to be developed.

I’ve talked about film with you all before but just to summarize; back in high school I learned how to shoot black and white film with a manual camera, and with living in this digital age there’s just something about not getting to see the photo immediately after that I find gratifying. Sure it’s nice to see my friends faces on my iPhone lock screen but physically framing a moment in time is so much more nostalgic, and I am one nostalgic soul.


January 2015: Disneyland

I started the film roll out strong with a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth after the release of Big Hero 6 (beanie from Whosits&Whatsits)


January 2015: Santa Monica Pier, California

Any time spent with my dear friend Zaneta is extremely cherished. Seeing as she can’t seem to stay in one place for very long (specifically the same place as me) I never know when I will be seeing her next. This particular time we were reunited in Southern California, at the western end of Route 66!


June 2015: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California

Since my best friend is the fifth member of my family, we brought her along on our family vacay to Cabo. I don’t often vacation (I consider it to be different from traveling) or stay at resorts, but when I do, I make sure to take advantage of the swim-up bar!


December 2015: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

I hopped coasts to visit the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts (yes, I have a blog post coming for this trip, obviously a year late) for a long weekend in a new state!


June 2016: Cambridge, England

I spent ten days exploring a University that is older than my country, hoping some of the knowledge and wisdom would wear off on me for this semester!


June 2016: Marseille, France

French pastries, French wine, French cheese and French soap? I collected all the delectable French treats while exploring Paris, Lyon and Marseille this summer.

Not only has this roll of film taught me patience, but how much I travel. Now I know that sounds silly to you, the reader of my travel blog, but life catches up to me sometimes and I’m not always free or funded to travel at my heart’s delight. But on this one roll of film I snapped shots in four countries over the span of 20 months and that serves as a pretty swift kick in the butt that woe is not me, and I get to do cool things all the time!



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