Eyebrow Raising Tips at Museo Frida Kahlo

Mexico City has so much to offer to the on-slot of new tourists it’s been receiving as of recent, but one of the most notorious attractions that shouldn’t be overlooked is Museo Frida Kahlo in the neighborhood of Coyoacán. The Blue House served as Frida’s home from childhood till death, as well as her art studio, healing […]

Forgotten Fotos

I recently finished off a disposable camera that I’ve been carrying around since January 2015 (good work, memory) and took it to be developed. I’ve talked about film with you all before but just to summarize; back in high school I learned how to shoot black and white film with a manual camera, and with living […]

Cabo Cuisine

When it comes to cuisine, Mexican is by far my favorite, so you can only imagine the Heavenly state I was in! I never had a bad meal while in Cabo San Lucas but here are a couple eateries that stood out to me during the week. The Office This place is a long time […]

Cabo San Lucas Snapshots

Seven day, four families, 21 people… what kind of chaos can ensue, you may wonder? Well, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, followed by the Warriors winning the Larry O’Brain Championship Trophy. A 175lb marlin was caught, some people went flying off jetskis, large amounts of alcohol was consumed and some major sunburning occurred. Donuts were […]