Cabo San Lucas Snapshots

Seven day, four families, 21 people… what kind of chaos can ensue, you may wonder?

Well, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, followed by the Warriors winning the Larry O’Brain Championship Trophy. A 175lb marlin was caught, some people went flying off jetskis, large amounts of alcohol was consumed and some major sunburning occurred. Donuts were floated on, there was a road trip to Hotel California, mornings spent reading at the swim up bar and making friends with locals. It’s easy to say a trip to Baja California is the way to start summer!


Last year my family made the plunge and purchased a timeshare at Hacienda Del Mar in Cabo, the perks of having awesome parents, amirite? The beautiful resort overlooks the Sea of Cortez, has a handful of dreamy pools and multiple outstanding restaurants on the property.


When we weren’t lounging by the pool soaking up the sun you could find us down town perusing the shops, on numerous excursions, playing at the sandy beaches and for one day, not in Cabo San Lucas at all!

A group of us dedicated one day to road-tripping north and paying a visit to the town of Todos Santos, more notoriously known for being the home of Hotel California, the hotel The Eagles supposedly wrote their song about. I really enjoy visiting sights and landmarks that have famous histories of all sorts but sadly this one was low on the excitement scale. It appears much of the town survives on the tourism brought in by “such a lovely place”, but as always there was a silver lining, this time by the name of El Cerrito. If you’re looking for a beach with great waves, this is your place!

hotel caliIMG_1038IMG_1011

Excursions this year included ATVing with Cactus ATVs (I highly recommend this company!), jetskiing, snorkeling, and camel riding via Wild Canyon. Yep, camel riding. While a big group of us went racing through the dirt and dunes on the Pacific coast my mom and sister opted for cruising the desert on humpbacked animals, because why not?


It was a week of loud group dinners, silly jokes, Spanglish, nostalgic moments looking at childhood pictures, 2 for 1 Pacificos and bonding with the friends we call a second family. Definitely a trip for the books that I hope to repeat next summer!


Also, shout out to Big Mouth for making doughnut inner tubes! Let’s just say these babies will be going on every beach trip in my future.




  1. Great shots, Michelle. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. We were glad to help out with the well behaved Maya and Drake, though I’m sure they would have both loved Cabo.

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