Cabo Cuisine

When it comes to cuisine, Mexican is by far my favorite, so you can only imagine the Heavenly state I was in! I never had a bad meal while in Cabo San Lucas but here are a couple eateries that stood out to me during the week.

The Office

This place is a long time family favorite (but actually, my parents have been going there since before I was around) We love it for its beach setting, fun staff and all around good atmosphere. Between the custom, hand painted buckets full of beer and the refreshing tropical drinks served in large glasses or fresh pineapples, it’s impossible to not enjoy your time there. My family easily looses track of time at The Office with  our toes squishing in the sand and frequent dips in the Sea that is just a few feet away, and I find myself ordering both lunch and dinner, the fresh shrimp tacos and mini chicken burritos being my favorite.

Los Claros

Lemme just say, the fish and shrimp tacos there are drool worthy. Unfortunately, I was too wrapped up in my meal to snap a picture, but let my distraction speak for itself, it is that good. Not to mention the large salsa bar, I was a happy girl. With multiple locations in town, we went to the one right off of the marina, tucked in between a hulking hotel and other restaurants competing for business, but don’t let the small sized location turn you away, Los Claros serves mouth-watering good food!

Romeo & Julieta

With its charming brick, ivy and outdoor dining, this is the perfect place for a more formal, dressed-up meal. After catching a 175 pound marlin in the afternoon, we had it taken to Romeo & Julieta, right by the marina, where they prepared and served us the fish in multiple different dishes, to test our palette. The wining and dining was wonderful as was the company at our group table of 20!

IMG_0984IMG_0988I hope this has your stomach grumbling and you travel bug already packing your suitcase and gathering you passport! Good food is the way to staying fueled with energy for your busy days in Mexico, and I hope these recommendations help you when planning your next vacation!


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