City Chronicles | Crown & Crumpet

After having lived in London where I cozied up in the corner of a cafe on the daily, my inner creature of habit went searching for another cafe to remind me of the home I once had. Funny enough, I found something similar to by British craving in Japantown.

Crown & Crumpet is a charming, quaint Tea Salon in San Francisco with cheeky tea names like “Happiness is…” and “Blue Eyes”. The attention to detail is admirable, from the stacks of books scrawled by British authors to the clock on the wall made of tea cups. Sorry to confirm the cliche, Brits, but no matter how much you deny a tea addiction, it is real and I am a victim.IMG_6601IMG_1306If a sense of de ja vu is setting in, I have previously blogged about this foodie find on my retired blog when I took my mom, it was just to irresistible to not return to. Crown & Crumpet accommodates anything from a quick cuppa to parties, but they are most notoriously known for hosting a proper afternoon tea, finger sandwiches and all!

IMG_6608IMG_6620It was the perfect location to sit, sip and catch up with a dear friend from out of town, as the (un-pictured) coaster said “gossip and scandal are the best sweeteners for tea”.rownandcrumpetCheers!



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