My Pledge To Help | One Month Later

At the end of June I announced that I would be saving all the tips I received at work for the month of July and I am happy to announce the grand total of (insert drumroll…)


This money will be going to;

Mission K9 Rescue– $200  

Mission K9 Rescue’s goal is to raise money for retired and/or retiring working dogs who serve our country alongside their handler. If you have ever a seen video floating around Facebook of a Military Officer being reunited with their IED Dog, it was most likely made possible by this wonderful non-profit.

Saving the Survivors– $200

If you recall from my previous post there was a photo of a Rhino that had her horn viciously hacked off by poachers and left for dead. Her name is Hope, rightfully given to her by Saving the Survivors who rescued her are performing surgery after surgery, to ensure the gaping wound on her face heals and she can live the rest of her life. This foundation also is home to baby Rhinos left behind by the not so lucky victims, loosing their mothers to selfish human “needs”.

African Wildlife Foundation -$200

AWF is more of an “umbrella” cause, in the fact that it does not focus in on one species or cause, but all of Africa. Conservation, protection, empowerment and development is where their focus lays, but a couple examples of their ongoing projects are Grevy’s Zebra Protection, Mau Reforestation and Lupani Primary School.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust– $494

DSWT is near to my heart because they were the first wildlife program brought to my attention while I was on a trip in Kenya, and opened my eyes to all the destruction and need. I chose to split this larger sum of money and foster four elephants at the Nairobi Orphanage and the remaining $94 went to DSWT’s anti-poaching unit, one amongst many of their live saving projects.
IMG_1713Take your coffee to-go from your kitchen rather than going to Starbucks, go home on your lunch break rather than eating out, do whatever you choose but I encourage you to try and save those few dollars here and there and watch them build up. Donate it to wherever you like, but know that you are making a difference in the world.

 I thought it would be tough looking at the money that was adding up and not be tempted to spend it, but knowing it is going to help made it effortless. Coming home every night and shoving some more cash into the overflowing jar was one of the best feelings, and I hope you would share that with me.



  1. Way to go Michelle! You are a great inspiration to not only Taylor and Spencer but to Scott and I as well. Keep up the great work! The world needs more people like you.

  2. You are such an angel, may your efforts and this article move more people to action. And may you also get more tips!

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