Eyebrow Raising Tips at Museo Frida Kahlo

Mexico City has so much to offer to the on-slot of new tourists it’s been receiving as of recent, but one of the most notorious attractions that shouldn’t be overlooked is Museo Frida Kahlo in the neighborhood of Coyoacán. The Blue House served as Frida’s home from childhood till death, as well as her art studio, healing place, a safe safe for Communist friends to seek refuge and now stands as a museum that is open to the public!

Considering how she and her husband, Diego Rivera, are huge representations of Mexican culture, visiting the museum was the clear choice, though I dropped by in the most disorganized fashion. I was able to squeeze my visit in right before my afternoon flight and approached the popular museum with no plan or prior knowledge, so let me save you the effort and offer up some tips I picked up along the way.



  • Purchase your tickets ahead of time online or show up no later than 30 minutes before opening– they reserve some at the door for the early birds or haphazard planners like myself.


  • It’s important you pay attention to your ticket’s start time! The ticket is not general admission; you’ll be touring inside her house so there isn’t a lot of space, hence the time slots.
  • You can’t really backtrack or walk the tour route a second time. Like previously mentioned, because the house provides limited space they let visitors walk through in waves to avoid crowding.




  • If you want to take pictures, purchase the photo-pass at the beginning! Without it you’ll only be allowed to take pictures in the outdoors spaces.
  • Definitely get the audio guide! It’s only a few bucks at the start of the tour and narration really brings the tour to life!

Like most people, I recognized Frida Kahlo for her distinct eyebrow grooming, but that was the extent of my knowledge… wow were my eyes opened! The depth, sorrow, secrecy and pain that she experienced in her lifetime is all detailed for visitors within the wall of the Blue House. Museo Frida Kahlo should no doubt be on your list of place to visit it Mexico City and even if you’re not planning a Mexican adventure any time soon I recommend picking up a book about this outstanding woman!


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  1. What a lovely museum and great photos. There’s going to be a major Frida exhibit at the deYoung in Golden Gate Park opening the end of the month and running till August.

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