Learning Curve

Just like everyone else I’ve been adapting to life’s recent changes brought on by Covid-19. At the very beginning of it all –for me it was March 15th– I told myself this was a great opportunity to sit down and do some organizing (surely I’m not alone in this idea). I’d sit down and sort through my catalog of photos, plan out consistent release dates for posts, do some catching up on countries I haven’t even shared about on here. But the government ordered me to sit on my couch a little longer, and then a lot longer and my flash of motivation waned as I thought “what’s the point of drooling over past adventures if I can’t dream about future ones?”.

I haven’t completely rid myself of this feeling, but as I’m now approaching the two month marker of my “couch-sitting” I’ve settled into my role in this pandemic and am finding it a bit easier to put a happy twist on things nowadays.


While I would prefer to be navigating a subway system or learning keywords in a new language I’m going through a different type of learning curve. One where I am learning to think on a global level, and not just a selfish, self-serving one which would have me on the first cheap flight I could find.

I’ve found myself running conversions in my head, comparing daily tasks to those I would encounter on a flight to some fantastic destination. If I can sit on a plane to Dubai for 16 hours then I can surely find enough to occupy me for that long in my own apartment. Sanitizing my seat’s tray table and surrounding surfaces has always been common practice, so why not extend that to my car’s steering wheel and other germ-y exteriors? Gazing out a plane window for a timeless span and dreaming about the lands below and how I’ll have a positive impact on them is just the same as staring out my kitchen window and thinking about how my staying home is helping others stay healthy.


Reading has traditionally served as a way to pass my time while in transit, but in these last two months books have provided me with an escape from my couch and transported me on the character’s adventures that nourish my travel cravings. And puzzles *insert clenched fists* have brought on the ultimate test of my patience, just as waiting for the announcement to grab your luggage and deplane.

I could even make the joke, albeit sensitive one, that rationing my toilet paper supply is equivalent to skillfully observing the restroom light to avoid long, isle-way lines. Or the crude conversion of how many inflight adult beverages it will take me to pass out in the comfort of my living room (hint: higher altitude remains a key player in this competition).


Conversions aside you can find me on said couch for the foreseeable future, working on consistency in my blogging and dreaming up new itineraries. I may hit some mental roadblocks when it comes to keeping my spirits high but with the help of my assistant’s encouraging kissies sheltering in place seems to be turning out pretty okay!



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