Booze News X Stadium Stories

So I’ve been toying with the idea of expanding my blogging horizons to include some other things I’m interested in. As I’ve admitted before, being a student and employee doesn’t always leave me as free and funded to travel as I wish, but that doesn’t mean I don’t search out new things around me at home!

Luckily I have a pretty cool home in the Bay Area, which according to Google has 120+ breweries, not to mention “Wine Country” is just up the road, so I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to World Watching– Booze News!

Since tonight is the San Jose Shark’s home opener this is the perfect opportunity to kick this thing off with a beerXhockey combo: Gordon Biersch’s Chum Red Ale!


Brewed in the heart of San Jose it is only fitting for GB and the Sharks to pair up and make this bloody good ale! You can try it for yourself at their brewhouse and restaurant, at the Shark Tank itself or track it down with their “chum locator“. At 7.2% ABV it’s a smooth drink with the exception of “blood, sweat and chips of teeth from Sharks players,” as noted in their online disclaimer.


Chum Red Ale is the perfect pairing for watching a Sharks game, which you can do starting tonight(!!!) at 7:30 against the LA Kings.

Stay tuned for some more Booze News, we are getting into the holiday season after all and that calls for celebratory drinks!



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