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While I am admittedly more of a beer fan, it’s hard to resist a day in the Napa Valley. The way I see it, the more wine you drink, the more you learn about it! Plus it’s a great excuse to don a cute outfit and frolic through the rows of grapes – photoshoots are a given with backdrops like this.


Rain or shine, our trusty DD took us from tasting room to tasting room through the valley where I sipped on my sweet whites while others tasted the richer red wines. With an impressive but overwhelming amount of wineries to choose from I highly recommend having some sort of rough plan regarding where you would like to go and what types of wine you prefer in order to make the most of your trip to Napa.

Some favorites of mine are Prager Winery & Port Works, Mumm and, if you’re into castles and moats, you can make a stop at the notorious Castello de Amorosa. While the location is more of a draw than the actual wine may be, they host a few exclusive parties a year that are definitely on my bucketlist!


If a “wine haul” isn’t already a thing, I’m starting a new trend! Aside from V. Sattui’s clean and crisp 2014 Dry Riesling, Prager Port’s really took the cake as I walked away with two bottles of port (2012 Aria White Port and 2011 Port) as well as their fabulous Port Chocolate Drizzle sauce. Call me crazy but when something is that good, you’ve gotta stock up!


To make drinking my newly acquired Napa wine even more fun, it seems I have started a collection of holiday themed wine glasses… wine not?? If it’s a “one glass, two glass, three glass, floor” kinda night, Target is there to party foul-proof with these spider and raven cups made of plastic, while the The Owl Box has the classy glasses with puns. Seeing as 2016 is turning out to be a year of sayings and expressions, I’m sure you can search out some more holiday gear like these on Etsy as well! Just wait till you see what I have in store for Christmas 😉

No matter what kinda of wine you like, Napa Valley makes sure to provide for all, so take the weekend off and enjoy getting caught up in a champagne supernova!


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  1. Dear Michelle XX,
    What a great write up on the ever changing Napa wine scene! Please keep the blogs coming…I always look forward to reading them. Lots o love.
    Uncle Pete

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