Martha’s Vineyard

Back in December I said screw it to studying for my finals and took off for the East’s not every day your best friend has a house to herself on an island off of Massachusetts!


For those who are not familiar with Martha’s Vineyard, the island sits of the coast of Massachusetts/Rhode Island with a handful of other “vacation location” islands. It’s famous for Black Dog coffee, Johnny’s Cupcakes brand, Vineyard Vines and is a common vacation spot for the Kennedys. Oh yeah, and there is no vineyard. Being most accessible by ferry, I had a new adventure on my hands!


The small island is dotted with lighthouses and any place is a good place to watch the sunset over the Atlantic. Tranquil and organic are the best words I can come up with to describe the energy of this quiet place with its beaches, woods and the sea lapping at the edges of the land. I guess now would be a good time to tell you that the Vineyard is also famous for being the filming location of Jaws…


Martha’s Vineyard is the definition of “Pinterest-perfect” with its charming gingerbread cottages in Oak Bluffs, boutique shopping in Edgartown and an abundance of family owned shops and restaurants (that actually out number big chain businesses).


Brick buildings, hot apple cider, a crisp winter breeze and the scent of sea salt is a dreamers nirvana and just another day on Martha’s Vineyard. Even though I beat the December snow to the island, Martha was picture perfect. It was joyful as heck and I definitely recommend making a visit, any season of the year!

Side note: the Vineyard is also home to Island Alpaca… so if that doesn’t tempt you to book a flight then I just don’t know what will!



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  1. Just great photos and it wasn’t even freezing cold, huh? I bet that was a very good time to visit w/o the summer tourist rush . We need to put Martha’s Vineyard on our list. Thanks for the fine posting,

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