Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Paris and I have met before but in the three years since my last visit I like to think I have grown as a traveler and a blogger, or at least hope so! I previously wrote about my trip in general but today we are going to cover my “second round” travel tips for Paris!

Tip #1: For the love of God and your muscles, take the funicular to Sacre Coeur!

This hilltop cathedral is a must-see, both for its architecture and view of Paris, but it is a rough climb up to the top and you may find it’s worth the expense to take the tram up. After two visits and two climbs, I say a hard no for the cardio, thank you!IMG_2747IMG_2745Paris boasts and abundant array of old churches, like Sacre Coeur, and with that comes tip #2Please be respectful of the signs that say “no flash” when taking pictures inside as well as turning off the sound on your camera. No one needs to hear the sound of a fake shutter 100x while praying. I don’t like to be negative in this space but I was constantly irritated with this issue and find it extremely disrespectful. It’s very little to ask and pays a lot of respect.

Tip #3: Yep, we’re still on the topic of churches… but you must visit Sainte Chapelle! This is the only church that I visited and had to pay for my entrance but it is SO worth it! It doesn’t appear extraordinarily special from the outside but upstairs is the most stunning display of stained glass I’ve ever seen! Even if you consider €8 a splurge, it’s worth it.IMG_2814Tip #4: If you have able feet then you’ll find a lot of Central Paris’ main attractions are all walking distance from each other. You’re iPhone “Health” app will think you’re uh-mazing if you walk from the Arch de Triomphe down the Champs-Élysées, tour through the Louvre and on to Norte Dame. If you’re not so quick and nimble it is simple to buy public transport tickets that work for both the buses and metro, just be sure to watch your back/purse for sticky fingers when you do so!IMG_2834IMG_2869On a lighter but still important note, tip #5 is that macaroons do not travel well. Eat those little buggers on the spot because they are not made to be on the go! I took one for the team and learned this the hard way, I guess if you want authentic macaroons you’ve just gotta meet them at the source!

Paris Round Two was a much more comfortable experience, I knew what I wanted to see and how to navigate the city, and I hope these five tips help you out as you travel through the City of Light!


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  1. Loved your fine tips for the City of Light, especially the Sacre Coeur funicular and gorgeous Sainte Chapelle. Thanks for the posting.

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