Food For Thought

Amongst other travel necessities it is always smart to travel with a foodie, and luckily I have one! What is a foodie? They are someone with a keen taste in what’s delicious and where to find it, kind of like your own Buzzfeed article!

My long term foodie is Zaneta, and she lived up to that title in Europe while leading us to the most extravagant, bizarre and tasty foods while on our trip! If these impressive finds don’t speak highly of her passionate palate, the fact that she was food coordinator for the St. Edmunds May Ball should! IMG_2732Tucked away in East London on Brick Lane is the self explanatory store front: Beigal Shop. Everybody loves a good bagel but this place stands out because it serves rainbow bagels. You read that right, rainbow! Although it tastes like any other plain bagel it is too easy on the eyes to pass up, especially for 50p!IMG_1773Over by Piccadilly in London is Brasserie Zédel, a restaurant that is literally a hidden gem! With the cute patio seating of a Parisian bistro or coffee shop you would never suspect there is a grand staircase inside that spirals down to an exclusive music club and gold encrusted dining room! The decor reminded me of Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 production of The Great Gatsby, glimmering, gaudy and grand!IMG_1883A great place to grab a drink in London is The Cocktail Trading Co., a dimly lit lounge that I suspect has secret seating downstairs, much like Zédel. The cocktail menus are in the form of books, consisting of 40some pages describing and illustrating each posh concoction and boy are they easy to throw back! The only reservation I have about the Cocktail Trading Co. is it would be way to easy to rack up a bill!IMG_1891The last stop on our food expedition was Vanille Noire in Marseille, France. This sunny yellow ice cream shop is run by the owner who makes his ice cream fresh daily, including his secret recipe for black ice cream! Surprisingly flavored vanilla, a scoop of ice cream was the perfect way to cool off on a warm day in the seaside city!IMG_3172Hopefully you’re feeling the same as me now, mouth watering, stomach growling, and ready to go scope out the next best food joint nearest you! I highly recommend visiting any and all of these if you’re in the area to indulge you’re inner foodie!



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