Summer School

Cambridge is nothing less than an inspiring University. If watching my friend get her Masters degree in a year wasn’t impressive enough, the long list of famous scholars that have attended the University is… Charles Darwin, Jane Goodall and Stephen Hawking to name just a few.

Though I am not a student at Cambridge I did plenty of learning in my week there; like there is a lot of grass I am not allowed to step on, the town is full of delicious food and the River Cam literally named the town it runs through, hence Cambridge.


There are 31 colleges within the University and though I did not see them all, I highly recommend spending more that just a day trip in this town so you are able to grasp all that it has to offer. The University library is amazing in itself, hosting an exhibit that is home to Darwin’s personal notes and Shakespeare’s first folio!

Newnham College


St John’s College
Trinity College

The architecture is stunning and history astounding, it almost makes it okay that I am spending the start of my summer break at a school! But alas, there is much more for me to do, so off to France I go in the morning!



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