California’s Gold | Are You Confused Yet?

California is lucky enough to be home to not one but TWO gravity defying attractions; The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz and Confusion Hill of Mendocino County.IMG_6787Although I live closer to The Mystery Spot, I grew up defying gravity on the side of “Old Highway 101” at Confusion Hill. This was always a prime spot to pull over for a leg stretch, bathroom break and maybe an ice cream cone if the weather allowed it, so I was pretty excited to see this was stop 12 on Huell Howser’s California’s Gold Guide Map.IMG_6830IMG_6791This landmark built in 1949 is home to the gravity shack, water that runs uphill, the Twin Tower trees and my favorite animal– the infamous yet elusive chipalope.IMG_6797IMG_6808Not gonna lie, I’m still unsure how all this gravity stuff works. You walk into the house off-balance and curious of your abilities and you walk away a little dizzy and a lot confused. It may be a puzzling experience but it’s still a fun, quirky place to stop on your way up or down the coast, especially if you have rowdy kids in the backseat!


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