A Grand Ball and a Soccer Ball | My Summer 2016 Plans

I recently passed the three year anniversary since I made my initial pond-hop to England (and started this blog!) and it feels like a lifetime ago. Returning to the UK has been on my mind pretty much since the day I left it so I am thrilled to announce that I will be crossing the Atlantic again this June!

My trip itinerary will include attending a ball England’s at Cambridge University, exploring more of my beloved London, a Chunnel ride to France, Disneyland Paris, oh and did I mention FOLLOWING THE EURO CUP?!


The UEFA Euro 2016 is a soccer (or futbol, I can’t help it, I’m American!) tournament between qualifying European soccer teams that will take place all over France during the months of June and July. Myself and my friend Zaneta, who you may remember from my posts while in Kenya, will be following and attending these soccer matches– a sport I may not totally understand but I’m working on it!

This trip has been in the works for about a year now so being able to finally share it with you is a breath of fresh air–literally, I’ve been keeping my lips sealed because I may not be the best secret keeper…

I have only been to Paris in the past so if you have any recommendations or “must-sees” in France (Marseille and Lyon specifically), send them my way!

In the mean time, I’m going to go work on my soccer knowledge!



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