California’s Gold | Brews

There are two types of brewed drinks that I am a particular fan of– the bean kind and the hops kind– and highway 101 has a fair share of both! So this blog post is going to venture away from Huell Howser’s guide map, as I customize it by adding some of my own stops that I think are Gold worthy!IMG_3117IMG_3034If there is one thing the human race can’t seem to survive without, it’s coffee. Trust me, I am part of the epidemic, so the search for a cafe is always on my radar. But one thing that caught my attention on 101N was the further we drove the punnier the coffee shop names got. Really, who is the genius that thought of Pour Girls and Brewed Awakening!?

Another plus of driving north is you enter Dutch Bros. territory! Why yes, I would love tasty carmel drink from a charming drive-thru windmill!


Moving  to some more… sophisticated drinks. There are plenty of breweries scattered along the California coast so we stopped to refuel at both Mendocino Brewing Company in Hopland (so punny) and Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka. A pint of Red Tail Ale with dinner one night, followed by lunch the next day with a Tangerine Wheat, you could say I was one happy camper! Exploring breweries and tasting beer is one of my new favorite things to do, and the West Coast has a lot to offer (hint hint, keep and eye out for more in the future).

So there you have it, Michelle’s Refreshing Roadtrip Stops! Enjoy and drink responsibly!



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