Taaluma Totes

Find me a person who doesn’t get excited when they see a package on their doorstep and I’ll turn them around and show you a crazy person.

I was buzzing with so much energy when I found this box that my pup was elated too and joined me for the unveiling of my new luggage!


Ta-da! My new luggage that will accompany me this summer in England and France was made by the beautiful folks at Taaluma Totes! What’s even better than this beautiful fabric from Indonesia? The fact that I get to be one of TT’s product ambassadors this summer!

As the cycle below displays, Taaluma Totes purchases their fabrics from other countries, then brings it back to their shop in the States where the fabric becomes backpacks made by their team of adults with disabilities that would normally cause them issues with finding employment! But it doesn’t stop there! 20% of the proceeds from the backpack you purchase goes back to the country the textile is from as a mirco-loan- a way of teaching and helping sustainability in the community! After the loan is repaid that money is turned around and put towards more fabric, continuing the cycle!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.14.35 AM

So back to the excitement of opening a package? That’s how I feel about this company! I admire and applaud Taaluma Totes and any other company that works to build themselves and others up equally. Not only does it display sustainability and support but compassion for mankind.


Just under a month until I take off for England and will #carryacountry! As for my Goldie? He’s exhausted from the excitement of unboxing my tote!


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