Stadium Stories | Stanley Cup Final!

When I made my “hockey bucket list” and decided I had to go to a Stanley Cup Final game in my lifetime, it never occurred to me that I would be seeing my home team in contest for the Cup, but life works in amazing ways and I saw the San Jose Sharks battle the Pittsburg Penguins last night!

After fighting off what seemed to be the entire Bay Area to get our hands on tickets my dad and I blocked off Saturday on our calendars because we were going to the Stanley Cup Finals Game Three, baby!


I admittedly could not fall asleep the night after the Sharks defeated the St. Louis Blues to go on to the Final– I was like a kid on Christmas Eve, but rightfully so! Not only is this year the San Jose Sharks 25th Anniversary, but this is the furthest they have ever made it in the playoffs, making each game a new addition to franchise history!


After searching out our seats and gathering our LED wristbands, rally towels and t-shirts I looked down at the ice and to see “FINAL” scrolled across it and realized this is it. The Sharks are here.

Nothing gets your heart hammering in your chest like seeing the rink lights go down and the Sharks eyes glowing red as it is lowered to the ice. The pound of the drum in time with the wave of rally towels left me with goosebumps.


When Joonas Donskoi sent the puck to the back of Pittsburg’s net in OT I couldn’t breathe. The crowd launched out of their seats and roared like I have never heard before, high fiving and hugging strangers in the seats around us, I couldn’t catch my breath. I really don’t think my heart rate returned to normal until I fell asleep that night.

Outside the Tank was a crowd of elated chaos, chants of “We want the Cup!” behind the ESPN Live broadcast, drivers honking their horns and chanting all the way to our car, the experience was out of body and emotionally draining.


After a game I have waited literally my whole life for, there is blood in the water and the Sharks are coming in to make their final kill cause we want the Cup!

At the age of 22 I have checked the #1 item off of my bucket list, so where else will this crazy world take me?!


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  1. What a great post. Way to go Craig and Michelle. Three more wins for the Sharks and The Cup is theirs.

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