World Watching’s Bucket List

Alright, honesty hour. Everyone has some sort of list of things to do in their lifetime: a bucket list. But it didn’t occur to me until recently that I’ve never actually shared mine with you guys! I’ve always had certain tasks filed away in the back of my mind and yet have never actually written them down (yes, I was procrastinating in class) so now I am formally assembling them.

Some of these tasks I’ve completed, some I’m in the midst of and some may be a crazy reach, but nothing is impossible! So in no certain order, here is my bucket list!

  1. Find a Banksy– I can check this one off the list, although I’m always in search of more! Banksy is an anonymous, mysterious street artist who installs his statement pieces in the dead of night, one of which I found in New Orleans!img_9260
  2. Swim with a Whale  Shark– cause who doesn’t want to swim with the ocean’s gentle giant?!
  3. Cage dive with Great White Sharks– on the flip side, who doesn’t want to have their life flash before their eyes when the ocean’s deadliest predator comes at you in a rush of muscles and jaws?
  4. go to every Disney Park in the WORLD!– I can check off Anaheim and Paris but still have Orlando, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai to go!
  5. Tour Pixar Studios and Walt Disney Studios– If that^^^ didn’t clue you in, I like Disney a little bit!
  6. See the Miracle Cross at Ground Zero– check this off the list as well! Inside the 9/11 Memorial Museum you’ll find two wrought iron beams, remnants of the Twin Towers, that were left standing in the rumble of the terror attack in the shape of a cross. I’ve always been intrigued by this show of faith and finally had the opportunity to stand in its presence earlier this year.img_6517
  7. Attend a game at every NHL stadium (including Stadium Series, Olympics, Winter Classic, All Star and a Stanley Cup Final)- I’ve made a small dent on this one in my Stadium Series posts.
  8. Have Mr. K be my pilot– My best friend’s dad is a commercial pilot and for years I’ve been trying to coordinate things so I can be one of his passengers, and when it happens he has to tell “cow jokes” over the announcement speaker (a very odd inside joke).
  9. Help end Big Game poaching– this is something I am most passionate about, specifically when it comes to elephants. I know it sounds like a long shot but if society would just open their eyes and see the destruction that follows us, we can make a positive change. 
  10. Attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta– I’m not too sure I could stomach floating in a hot air balloon but the idea of waking up and seeing a skyline of colorful balloons sounds amazing and brings back childhood memories from when I lived in a valley that hosted the occasional balloon lift off.

I’m sure over time this list will expand to much more than ten tasks, so maybe you’ll be seeing a second installation later on. But for now, go out and explore!



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