Booze News | Brooklyn Brewery

  • Sightseeing, check!
  • History, check!
  • Hockey game, check!

So what else do I love that could have made this trip any better? A brewery visit!!!


Thanks to a break in the deluge of New York snow, we took advantage of the clear sky and walked a couple of blocks through Williamsburg to enjoy some icy cold brews at Brooklyn Brewery! The brewery staff even leads free tours every half an hour on weekends, so you can learn a bit about what you’re drinking. Plus with a logo designed by Milton Glaser, the man who gave us the iconic “I ❤ NY” trademark, it’s gotta be a special place!


Originally named the Brooklyn Eagle Brewery, the brewhouse opened its doors in 1996 but the hard work and history goes a lot further back than that. To give you a quick summary, The Brooklyn Brewery was founded by two men that were neighbors in the borough, a foreign correspondent and an investment banker, and together they began to turn a dream into a reality.

In one half of the property you’ll find their double brewhouse, bottling equipment and the scent of hops (or as our tour guide put it “weed’s cousin”) , while the other half is dedicated to serving the beer to the room lit with fairy lights, decked out with wooden picnic tables and even a projector playing movies on the wall! As breweries do, they provided a fun, relaxed atmosphere to gather with some friends and catch up over brews.


Since Brooklyn Brewery’s drinks aren’t licensed and sold in California it was an enlightening experience to get to try them! A major portion (40% ) of their product is exported to Sweden and they make beer with under 2% ABV to accommodate countries and states with strict alcohol laws. Seems like they’re a pretty worldly business, California…maybe we should start to think about importing it after all! I’d love to sip on their Greenmarket Wheat at home.


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