Find Me Under the Palm Trees

For being in the middle of a desert, Palm Springs was such vibrant surprise! I swear I did a decent amount of research about what to do and where to stay before we arrived in this trendy lil’ town, but it turns out I wasn’t very thorough.

I completely missed the memo about a huge Spring Break pool party at our hotel, as well as a massive street fair downtown and a special exhibit at the art museum, but sometimes the it’s the things you stumble into that end up being highlights.

As you may recall, I have a certain admiration for the artist Andy Warhol, so when I realized the Palm Springs Art Museum had a whole special exhibition displaying prints of his work I was obviously there in two seconds. But then it turned out the one night I was there was free admission night– talk about a dream come true.

The exhibit is open until the end of May, if you’re interested. I recommend taking advantage of the free admission on Thursdays!



Also unexpected– an interesting botanical garden! I have the attention span of a kindergartner and since the Moorten Botanical Gardens kept me intrigued and entertained thoughout, I’d call that a win. You can walk through at your own pace but they also offer free guided tours if you’re sharp on learning some succulent plant info!




The event planning student in me couldn’t help but imagine the garden grounds would be perfect for a small wedding or intimate celebration!

Aside from cacti, succulents and desert flowers, there are some resident tortoises and doves, just to round out the whole desert atmosphere. The gift shop also has itty bitty plants for sale which I wish could have come home with me… darn you, TSA regulations!



Then to cool you down and boost your blood sugar, Shop{pe} fueled me with a lavender milkshake and left me energized to roam their boutique shop full of cactus pool floaties, handmade greeting cards and clever gifts. Sooo now I have gifts for all my loved ones for various occasions.


I really, really need to plan another trip back to Palm Springs, to say the least. There’s so much Hollywood history I need to read up on so I can track down the old watering holes and glamorous hideaways the stars indulged in! The architecture featured on private homes and the unique eateries are so “Palm Springs” that a second trip in necessary to appreciate it all. I’m thinking the Ace Hotel next time? Or shoot me any trending Airbnb recommendations!



  1. Let’s see, Palm Springs. So many things to see and history!! Pels Italian Ice has to go on your list for next visit (our good friend own it), a trip to the oasis, unfortunately “the Follies” has closed. It goes on and on!! So glad you enjoyed your time there.
    PS. Some other friends of ours grandfather crated the Campbell’s label (trivia).
    Love AW! Hugs

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