Keep Mojave Weird

I may not be sure how to pronounce Yucca Valley (Yuck-uh or Yoo-kah??), but I do know that making a visit next time you’re on Highway 62 is a given. Other questionable things about this place…everything.

Teeeeechnically everything to see is spread out between the towns of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms, but they’re all on the same drag of Highway 62 and are only about a total of 20 minutes apart start to finish, so you get what I mean.


If you’re a believer that art is art is art then this is the perfect place for your free soul.


If one museum isn’t enough for you, brace yourself because the World Famous Crochet Museum sits within ART QUEEN!

Tucked amongst buildings and trailers that have been well weathered by the desert sun sits an old drive-thru photo stand that’s been converted into, yes you read correctly, the World Famous Crochet Museum. Despite assumptions, the curator cannot actually crochet, but has collected all of her pieces from other talented craft persons.



While it is admittedly cute, I can understand if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea…


Just like the rest of Highway 62, Beauty Bubble is the cutest and most creative space. The working salon also serves as a museum with all the pieces curated by the owner. We were able to wander around and soak up all the nostalgic artifacts, snap a couple of pictures and snag a greaser comb that serves as a business card, all while someone was getting an up-do!


Also found in Yucca Valley; amazing antique stores, tons of local clothes and jewelry, boutiques that had me spending a pretty penny, unique vintage shops, dusty saloons and one of a kind personalities.



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