A Broad Range of Artwork

It’s not Braude, it’s BrOde said Hermione Granger, I think.


The Broad is the newest addition to Downtown LA’s museum offerings – just look for the building that resembles swiss cheese! It opened only three years ago and has a stunning collection of all forms of art. It’s even with a work of art – the curvy chrome building that is the Walt Disney Symphony Hall.

So what’s a girl to do when there’s an art museum with pieces by both Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein? Go, obviously!


People think I’m crazy, but I am a sucker for modern art. I find it a lot more insane and relatable than century-old paintings (not dissing them though, I’d gladly accept an invitation to the Louvre).

Aside from the art, I’ve been fascinated by Warhol’s and Lichtenstein’s artistic development and parallel lifelines since I scored an illustrated book about Warhol in Palm Springs, so seeing them under the same roof really brought things full circle for me.



Need more convincing of the Broad family’s curation skilled? They’ve got Queen Barbara Krueger’s untitled piece that speaks thousands of words on display.


The museum is also home to one of Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room installations! There’s a ton of hype about this little but large room, so we signed up for a time slot upon entering the museum and got called back two hours later for our 45 seconds of epileptic glory!



Now 45 seconds doesn’t seem like much when you’re in awe and under pressure to get the perfect picture, so here’s what I recommend:

  • Make sure your camera hand is steady!!!
  • Don’t forget to take in your surroundings with your eyes and not just through your phone screen
  • Watch your head for low hanging lightbulbs
  • 45 seconds is actually way longer than you’d imagine, so don’t panic! Soak up the galaxy around you.

The Broad is a free museum, but if you’re not making a spontaneous trip then I suggest you reserve tickets on their website ahead of time. There’s a standby line that anyone can join the day of but, like, why? We’re already on our phones all the time, just take 60 seconds to stockpile some tickets! And if you do opt for the standby line, their Twitter account live tweets updates on wait times.

So the next time you’re in LA, take a trip downtown and immerse yourself in art – you’ll  get cultured and, let’s be real, get some great Instagram content too!



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