Lamp Light Love

As the Disney peeps know, Paradise Pier in California Adventure has officially made it’s debut as the newly transformed Pixar Pier! Amongst the theme changes, the beloved Cove Bar was also remodeled and rebranded after the Luxo Lamp and all things Pixar!

I was fortunate enough to squeeze in a one-day Disney trip this summer and the one requirement I had for the day was dining downstairs at Lamplight Lounge!


Future reference (at least for the time being): the bar and restaurant open at 11 but I advise lining up before then if you want to be sat as close as possible to opening! Another thing to note is that two lines will be formed, one for the bar upstairs that serves drinks and apps only, and another line for downstairs which is full menu, so make sure you’re in the correct one!



The drink menu is in the form of an artist’s sketchpad and features a variety of cocktails and mocktails that coincide with different Pixar films. *Personal punny favorites are the Celtic Cure in honor of Brave, the Coco’s Sunrise Spectacular and the Scream Canister to cure your contact with all the children in the Parks.*

Ratatouille is of course a featured entree from Ratatouille (duh) and included an impressive wine selection, but I opted for the fan favorite lobster nachos and an Open Ocean with a Splash cocktail!



A word of advice: always order the donuts. Even if you’re not sure you’ll have room for them. Order. the. donuts. These lightweight, sugary rings come with a chocolate and berry dipping sauce that are dreamy! I think they may be more important than lobster nachos now…


I didn’t take too many photos with respect for the strangers around me who probably would not appreciate a photo of them mid-bite! So while I don’t have much proof to show you how uniquely Pixar this place is, I highly recommend you find out for yourself! Per Disney-usual, the theme was so well rounded and and really brought forward the missing pieces of Pixar that the Parks lacked.



  1. I almost forgot about those donuts. They were heaven!! OMG!!
    Funny, the food items were expensive, but the drinks were what you’d find at any restaurant.

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