That’s From Disneyland!

GUYS I don’t even have time to come up with a proper intro to this post because the event is for such a limited time! If you’re from the greater Los Angeles area (and a Disney fan, but who isn’t) you have to check out the That’s From Disneyland exhibit in Sherman Oaks. Until end of August, Richard Kraft’s Disneyland collection of epic proportions will be available to view for FREE!



Mr. Kraft’s collection of Disneyland artifacts has been growing over the last 25 years and now he is turning it back to the Disney fandom via an auction at the end of the month.

“In many ways I feel like I never really owned these marvels. They were created for the joy of others and I feel like I was merely the custodian keeping them safe from harm.”

-Richard Kraft

The extensive collection is broken up into the Disney-lands and contains original attraction sketches and renderings, posters, maps, memorabilia, gift shop purchases, attraction vehicles and even parking lot signage, all dating back to the beginning of the theme park! It even contains proof of lands that were never built or no longer exist!




Along with admiring his dedication through the time capsule-like exhibit, you can take all the photos you want and even interact with some of the larger items! Glide through the Matterhorn in a Skyway car, fly with Peter Pan in a pirate ship, visit Snow White with the dwarves and even enter the chamber with no windows and no doors to join your ghostly friends!






There will also be ticketed, after hour events leading up to the auction, as well as the auction itself, so if you’re interested I highly encourage you to check out their website!

If big ticket items arn’t your thing (or in your price range), there’s also a gift shop on site with tons of artwork and figurines you can take home on the spot!


Being NorCal based, we were lucky to be driving home from Disneyland the day this exhibit opened to the public! Good ol’ Walt Disney and Richard Kraft creating extra weekend magic!



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