Feelin’ Like Trailer Trash

Something really intriguing to me and my hospitality student mind is alternative lodging. Don’t get me wrong, hotels are super great — a clean shower, starched sheets and wiped-down TV remote — but when I plan a trip I prefer to seek out a place to stay that really reflects where I am.

So without further adieu, I introduce you to Hicksville Trailer Palace, possibly the most unique, off the grid hotel you’ll ever have the pleasure to stay at!


Hicksville Trailer Palace is quite literally an oasis in the desert, with its salt water pool illuminated in the dry Mojave surroundings. With 10 trailer choices, you have the ability to stay in the 80s grunge “Lux”, the glitzy “Fifi”, or the wild western “Pioneer”.

The getaway was originally put together with old movie props to create an escape from Hollywood for the owner and his screenwriting colleagues. Eventually the Palace grew and morphed into an hotel, of sorts, for adventurous  travelers in search of something unique.



Our choice of accommodations was the groovy “Sweet”, a 70s-themed airstream trailer, complete with shag carpeting! Amenities included a record player, TV, air conditioning for the brutal desert days and a heater for the chilly Mojave nights.

Some of the trailers are built to accommodate 1 or 2 guests, while others can hold 8-10 sleepers, but the Sweet was a bit of a different case because it had no “traditional” sleeping arrangements. At each end of the trailer were wide, generously cushioned couches, perfect for a makeshift bed, though!



Aside from the themed sleeping arrangements, Hicksville has a pool, fire pit, mini-golf course, archery and BB-gun range, library, dog park, photo-booth,  ping pong table, PBR-loaded vending machine, second story patio and second story hot tub…it’s literally summer camp for adults.





Possibly the best part– if you stay in all of the trailers, you are added to the Trailer Trash Wall of Fame!

Not gonna lie, I was slightly sketched out when I originally made our reservations. You’re not given the address until a few days before via email and reception isn’t very reliable, so you could imagine how that could put a female traveler on edge. Post visit, I can say it was totally fine and safe! Guests are forbidden from location or hash tagging while there to preserve a sense of mystery about the Hicksville. Make sure to pack shower sandals too, since the bathroom space is communal and shared with residents of the other trailers.

And if trailers aren’t your thing, they also have a series of themed A-frame cabins!


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