Watching For Crossing Dinos

One of those classic “totally American” things my home country features is bizarre roadside attractions. The world’s largest ball of yarn, Confusion Hill, a meteor crater in Arizona and Mount Rushmore. Some are more tailored to children, others for adults, but the Cabazon Dinosaurs are the perfect attraction for all!



Any good Coachella or Stagecoach trip starts with these bad boys, as you drive out of the greater Palm Springs area and back into reality.



I definitely spent $13 on admission into the attraction where you can pan for gold and search for dino eggs, but let’s not kid ourselves, I coughed up the money so I could climb into a T-Rex’s mouth! While she’s fully visible to guests who choose to not purchase a ticket, the T-Rex named Large Marge has a spiral staircase through her belly, up her throat, and has a small viewing deck from the inside of her mouth that requires park entry and a ticket.


If you’re looking for a dino-myte place to pull off the freeway for a snack, bathroom break and shady seat under a long neck, I found one for ya!

“Tell ’em Large Marge sent ya!”




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