Root, Root, Root for the Home Team!

Yup, another New York blog post.

I clearly have no shame for my love of New York City, considering I’ve visited three times in the past year, but this third time I was able to take my boyfriend along and check a new city off of his bucket list! Of course we hit all the classic spots; Grand Central Station, Times Square, One World Trade and so on, but the one request he had for our trip was to see the Yankees play at home!


Take a chill pill Bay Area, we’re not Yankees fans (especially after that beer incident), but how could you not want to see such a namesake of a team play at their new home in the Bronx?

I’m more of a hockey girl myself so while Julian enjoyed watching the game I did some scouting of other things worth appreciating at the Yankee Stadium!



Appreciation point #1: the subway runs allllll the way up Manhattan and into the Bronx, dropping you right next to the stadium’s gate 6! I just don’t recommend doing it hungover.

Appreciation post numero dos: There is free entry to their museum (which doubles as a great place to seek refuge from nasty weather)! More like a sports buffs sanctuary, it contains historic hats, bats, balls, uniforms and plates from all sorts of star players, a timeline of Yankees ball caps from over the years, World Series rings and Commissioners Trophies from each winning year, a recreation of the Thurman Munson’s locker and if this isn’t already the longest sentence ever, the museum features the “Ball Wall” of signed baseballs.



But the item I appreciated the most was #3: this beauty of a cup. Your eyes do not deceive you, this is a novelty soda cup with a bowl of nuggets and fries for a lid (literally the only souvenir I brought home). A true American masterpiece.

Side note: no amount of layers can protect you from the Spring windchill in nosebleed seats.



Even before the opening of the new Yankee Stadium in 2009 it has been surrounded by controversy and drama about structural integrity, ticket prices, lack of fan noise and the overall price of the building amounting to over $2 billion dollars ($1 billion of which was public subsidies). As a totally impartial non-fan I’ll throw in my two cents and say I think it’s cool that they built the new stadium just one block away from the original stadium’s sight and tried to replicate a lot of the authentic features like the white picket awnings.

Either way it, I loved being able to take a moment to sit down and be surrounded by the history of “America’s team”. With Candlestick Park gone all of my Bay Area stadiums don’t hold that classic charm, so our New York experience was one of a kind!



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  1. Love that wall of baseballs. Yankee Stadium remains on our bucket list. Thanks for the interesting blog.

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