*insert Toto song here*

In all the time I’ve spent day dreaming up content for World Watching it seems I forgot to mention that I will be embarking on a new adventure in January!

Starting New Year’s Day of 2019 I’ll be taking off for three weeks in *insert drumroll*…


VESA map

I will be traveling with a group called VESA (Volunteer Eco Students Abroad) where we will spend time working on conservation projects and sustainable farming, embark on a safari, swim with whale sharks in the Indian Ocean and many more adventures.

I absolutely loved the time I spent in Kenya four years ago and am so stoked to heading back to Africa for a whole new experience.




If you want to learn more about what myself and the group will be doing I’ll leave the link right here and if you know me personally and are questioning what to get me for Christmas you can always help a girl out financially (that’s a joke, kinda).


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