One of the best parts about working in the Hospitality industry (actually, it’s the reason I chose this major!) is all the amazing places you get to visit. After a full day at the LA Convention Center with the Medical Tourism Convention, I hopped to the other side of LA Live and had the privilege to oversee the set-up of an invitation only dinner at the Luxe Hotel.


Once the event was up and running, I was off the clock and free to grab a drink at the hotel’s bar, so that’s just what I did!

Now I may not be an interior designer, but I can definitely appreciate a space designed with an eye for pop art and a modern aesthetic.


If you’re looking for a hotel with a standout bar space– The Luxe is your place! They have a good size patio space on the second floor, so you’re able to get some fresh air and people watch within the limits of LA Live, but also sit far enough away from the road as to not be disturbed with the passing traffic.


Lobster mac and cheese? YES PLEASE! A burger with gooey brie cheese on it? YEP, I’ll take that too! When my mouth wasn’t watering over their menu, my growing hospitable eye was taking in the bar front decorated in geodes, the various fountains on the patio and the unique chandelier made of chains.


It’s all about the perks that come with the job, if you ask me!


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