Try the World (From the Comfort of Your Home!)

Subscription boxes are such an addiction. I mean, who doesn’t like surprising themselves with gifts in the mail that they forgot about?! It really is the latest craze, and I’m all for it.

My latest favorite subscription box is actually one I wrote a Career Research Paper on and gave a presentation to my class about– Try The World. Honestly, I should just copy and paste the whole paper right in here, but no one needs or wants to read all eight pages (except my English Professor, apparently).


Here’s the basics about Try The World:

  • It is a subscription box that arrives by mail
  • There are multiple box options, at different price points
  • It’s a pretty new company, started in 2013 by two students at Columbia University
  • They post recipes on their magazine site, so if you’re not a culinary artist, it’s okay! Help is on its way!
  • But, most importantly, THEY SEND YOU A BOX OF FOOD!


The food (and in some cases, drink!) that is included in your box represents a variety of different countries and cultures (for the Snack Box) or a whole array based around one country or culture (for the Country Box).


Included in the snack box I recently recieved were: Prince of Peace Ginger Chews from Indonesia, Veggicopia olives from Greece, Lee Kum Kee plum sauce from Hong Kong, Lavlé dark chocolate from Belgium, GU Energy Stroopwafel from The Netherlands, Tea Pigs licorice and peppermint tea from the UK, Smashmallow treats from California and Olé EVOO from Spain.

So whether you love to travel and just can’t find the time, like this student right here, or you prefer to not leave to comfort of your home to travel, Try The World is a great way to bring diversity and learning into your home!

Also, I swear this is not a sponsored post, although I wouldn’t be opposed to that *wink wink*. Who would have thought I would enjoy a research paper topic enough to bring it to World Watching!


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