From the Vault

In the midst of transferring my life from my old (yet wise) laptop to a newer one, I’ve spent some time rummaging through sentimental photos of my past travels.

In the past, a select handful of these of photos have made their debut here and on Instagram, and while it is easy to fall for the distorted reality that photos can portray of dreamy, clean and picturesque travels, the actuality is shown in the thousands of unedited and unfiltered snapshots I’ve stored away in my archives.

The truth of travel is shown when you sweat so much you glow (cute or gross, you tell me), struggle with the local language and end up with a mystery meal, or oddly sunburn only your ankles. Some pictures seem too blah to show to the world, and yet hold so much meaning to yourself, so here is my collection of highlights (and lowlights) over the past five years of this blogs existence.

The view from my London flat– a house that made me homesick, and now I occasionally find myself homesick for.
The time we almost got our toes crushed by an elephant.
Waking up to the local headlines while staying in Nairobi.
The oh-so-gorgeous shine you get when you mix sunscreen, sweat and face paint, mid-summer in France.
After 19 hours of travel, standing in the Visa line at the airport in Nairobi– located inside a parking garage. I’m pretty sure I’ll have problems re-entering Kenya, seeing as they recorded my first and middle names backwards.
When it’s 18 degrees on Loch Ness, people arn’t too willing to take a photo for you on the boat deck, but they are willing to watch from the warmth of the cabin while you makeshift a tripod and take a picture of yourself…
No where in my field notes can I find the formal name of this natural rock fixture in Sardegna, but it’s definitely a bull’s butt, so I obviously a picture was necessary.

Honestly, it’s pretty fun exposing the not-so-pretty side of travel. Instagram feeds boast girls strutting through cobblestone streets in heels and blogs pretend they don’t dislike any of the cuisine, but as much as I am a dreamer, I am also a realist, and reality isn’t always picturesque or ideal. Traveling is about the trials you overcome and obstacles you look forward to facing in the future, bringing yourself closer to the culture that surrounds you.


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