Eating Through the Big Apple

Let’s be real– without food there would be no chance of staying fueled for city exploration, and without walking everywhere in the Big Apple, we’d have a major weight gain problem– so before us we have the perfect duo; New York City and its outstanding food options!

Blogs typically work off of a number system: Top 5 this, my favorite 10 that. Well I don’t have a top ____ for you because every meal in NYC was a dream. But I have created a map that is linked at the end of this post marking all the locations mentioned ahead and more so you can try out these eateries on your next city trip!

Special mentions:


Mister Dips gets five stars for its location, drool worthy snacks and quirky appeal. The airstream trailer sits a couple of floors above the roads of Williamsburg in a rooftop park, serving up crazy soft serve cones and dirty waffle fries.


Baba’s Pierogies in Park Slope is the perfect location for a snack or a meal– portions are served in 5 or 9. While tradition is great, their alternative and more modern menu features mac and cheese pierogies so obviously I’m a fan!


The Freehold in Williamsburg is one of those all-inclusive waterholes of the city. There is a coffee shop, restaurant, outdoor bar, dance floor and arcade! You may recognize the name from an Insider video that made its rounds on the interwebs, but the standout reason I support this establishment is because they don’t use plastic straws. Paper or strawless is how they roll, saving 1.2 million pieces of plastic from entering the ocean since they began the ban.


We took a trip out to Flushing, Queens for a cost effective yet authentic dinner, trying soup dumplings, hand pulled noodles, boba and egg waffles from the variety of food on offer at the New World Mall food court.


Named the Mayor of New York City’s favorite lunch spot, and now mine, Pisillo Italian Panini serves up huge sandwiches that are perfect for sharing or saving for a mid-day slump snack! 18 inches of salami, artichoke, red pepper, and mozzarella goodness for  just $14!


Tipsy Scoop provided the dessert of my dreams– a flight of boozy ice cream and sorbet flavors! A perfect way to cool off in the NYC summer heat as well as get a buzz that makes enduring the subway better.


If you’ve made it this far into the blog post: Thank you and congrats! And I’m sorry that you may be drooling on your keyboard…

While it may seem like I spent a fortune on food alone in New York, I can assure you I didn’t. To go along with low price dining, my friend Zaneta has highlighted the best ways that we explored the city without paying anything! She is a true New York navigator.

As promised, here’s that coveted map to all the food you saw above and so so much more!


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