Airports, Animals and Adrenaline


6:15am PST: You’re woken by the ding of your phone, you check and see the text: “What are you doing Wednesday? Wanna fly out for the day and go to a concert so I’m not stuck with a ticket?” You stare at the message from your best friend for a solid ten seconds before being jolted from your slumbering state as you realize what’s just been offered to you… the most epic trip of a lifetime.


6:00am PST: Toss your backpack with a change of clothes over your shoulder and hop in the car, airport bound!

9:35am: You made the cut and (thanks to your friend’s family airline connections) were able to board via standby – you’re off to Colorado!

1:15pm MST: The plane has touched down in Denver and now you’re definitely sleep deprived because you plowed through a book rather than sleeping, darn you Jenn Bennett! Time to go search out your best friend!


2:30pm: An all-important coffee fuel stop.

5:00pm: An all-important liquor store stop to fill the cooler with local brews (the silver medal option for when you’re not in town long enough for brewery visits).

7:00pm: Odell Drumroll Pale Ale in hand, the hike up to Red Rocks Amphitheatre ensues. Warning: Stairs and high altitude don’t mix!


7:01pm: The rain begins.

7:15pm: The flash flood warning scrolls across your phone screen.

8:00pm: Little Dragon leaves the stage and Glass Animals takes over, only to be interrupted by a flash of lightning and a PA announcement that the crowd needs to seek shelter until the “extreme weather conditions” halt and the concert can resume.


11:45pm: You have the time of your life dancing in the pouring rain, standing in puddles that were once your Vans, only protected by an interesting combo of denim shorts and a raincoat while sipping on a beer that had been watered down with so much rain it has a lower ABV than Coors Light.



2:30am MST: Soaking wet clothes traded for comfy sweats, drunchies satisfied with some tasty eats and the zzzs take over.

4:30am: RISE AND SHINE! It’s time to head for Denver International Airport.

8:00am: As literally the last person to board the plane, you seek out a middle seat with someone who looks like they will just want to mind their own business and let your sleep continue.

11:00am PST: Plane, train and automobile take you home where you swap outfits and head off to work!


*apologizes for the blurry, unedited photos but I felt to perfect them would take away from the raw, chaos of this trip

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