Back To The Future: Disneyland Edition

If you know me, or have held even a five minute conversation with me, you most likely know that I could go on for hours about all things Disney. Disneyland is by far one of my most favorite things in life, it’s an ideal world to travel to within this crazy world.

My most recent trip down to my SoCal Happy Place I decided to do something different! After digging through some dusty boxes I came across a pack of prints and negatives from when my parents went to Disneyland, dated 1994. Tempted with a good thrift store hunt and photography project, I set out to replicate my mom’s outfit in those pictures and do my best to recreate them!

Welcome to Disneyland, as seen by a disposable camera!


purple tank top: thrifted // shorts: Mom’s shorts from the original picture // fanny pack: borrowed // shoes: Lo Pro Vans to mimic Keds



If you have taken one thing away from these pictures (other than my mom had a large collection of awful shorts) I hope it is that my mom is a Donald Duck fanatic.

Some of the angles may be off a tad bit but hey, a disposable camera provides a limited amount of exposures, 27 to be exact! More accurate ones were taken on my DSLR but I feel the project is better completed and displayed by using film shots, same as the originals.

Michelle xx


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