Anaheim Adventures

Another trip, another post! It has been just under one month since I have returned from Colorado, but it feels more like a year. I’ve always known I love to travel and thrive from it but this just proves that my case of Wanderlust is growing more extreme and there’s only one cure for it… more traveling!

This past weekend my friend Sam and I took a weekend trip to SoCal to visit our friends Courtney and Cierra who work at Disney’s California Adventure and to attend the Fall Dapper Day Soiree (more to come on that).

After a late flight into Anaheim, we took the opportunity to do some some shopping and sight seeing before we took on Disneyland for the next two days! One of the stops we made was the Anaheim Packing Company, an infamous hipster Instagram location, amongst other things. I was really just after some dinner, but pictures are cool too!


If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by the Anaheim Packing House for a picturesque meal! Besides having a mean açaí bowl, I drew a lot of inspiration for future projects from the creativity of the surrounding area.

Michelle xx


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