My Kenya Carry On

Now that I have entered the two week countdown until departure, I’m starting to think about packing. And not just my big suitcase packed with way more clothes than necessary, but my carry on–my source of entertainment for the 20 hour plane journey. That’s a lot of pressure to make sure it’s good stuff, and compact so I can fit it all into my under the seat carry on space.

So  without further adieu, here is my selection!


my journal (and pencil)- I’ve been documenting trips in this baby since a family trip to Puerto Vallarta in 2008, and always need somewhere to physically write notes (it’s the writer in me).

Camelbak Groove– I specifically chose this water bottle because it has a filter to remove any bad flavors and bacteria, since drinking fountains aren’t the greatest.

iPhone 5c- Music, camera, and most importantly Sharks stats!

Lush Toothy Tabs– These toothpaste tablets come 40 to the box, making lightweight travel easier when it comes to fresh breath!

book– Despite having a wide choice of movies right before my eyes (literally, on the seat back in front of me), good ol’ words on paper are still the way to go.

Total Refresh wipes– Personal hygiene, people. We’re all in the same space for the same amount of time.

gum– It’s just a general must have.

tea– When water and soda get old, who wants to pay $5 for a tea bag when you can bring it??

prescribed Anti- Malaria pills– Seeing as mosquitos and I have a one sided love affair, I have to start taking this medicine two days before arrival.

Baby Lips lim balm– Again, with limited room and ability to keep your appearance in top shape while confined to your seat, the least you can do it make sure your lips aren’t chapped so you can grin like an idiot when you land!

Secret deodorant– don’t be that jerk that has BO and makes the person in the seat next to you suffer.


Most importantly, since they grant me entrance into Kenya, are my boarding passpassport and international certificate of vaccination! Alongside those are my carry-ons I hold closer to my heart, my Canon Rebel T3, Macbook, chargers galore and my trusty stuffed animal!

Now all I have to do is be patient and wait until May 12th!




1 Comment

  1. Sounds and looks like your ready for the flt to Kenya. The question I have, is Kenya ready for you?
    I think, YES!

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