Maasai Market Mayhem


Over the past seven days I have flown to Los Angeles to celebrate a 21st birthday, missed Mother’s Day for the second year in a row (whoops), moved Zaneta’s apartment belongings into storage, flown to Amsterdam, caught a connecting flight to Nairobi, and I now find myself in Africa!



I have now been in Nairobi, Kenya for three days and love it. The sky is blue, weather’s warm, the plants are vibrant, the driving is nutty and the Pereira family is wonderful!

I go by my middle name now?


To fill you in a bit, I am staying with a friend of mine, Zaneta, who goes to school is LA while her family lives in Kenya, so myself and Lauren (another friend) decided to tag along for the beginning of her summer at home!

Today’s tourist event was embracing the bartering madness that is the Maasai Market for a bit of souvenir shopping.

the market


As you can see, color is not an area that is lacking. An area that is lacking in my confidence and I swear the vendors can smell it. Now if any of you readers know me personally, I am not one for confrontation. In fact, I am the self proclaimed worst barterer in the world. “Sister” and “student” became my new name and “hello” became my weakness when I would respond automatically, without realizing that led me into an apparent sale. After a while I learned it was best to keep my eyes on the ground and let Mrs. P lead the way, otherwise I got swarmed, literally.

On the bright side though, you better look out California, I am returning armed with gifts!

Michelle xx



  1. Michelle! YOU’RE IN AFRICA!!!!! I’m so excited for you and it’s fun to read the details of what you’re doing. I laughed as I read about being swarmed by the vendors and that “hello” meant a sale was imminent. I can just imagine how comfortable you felt with all of that—NOT! You’re sure collecting a lot of memories and images. It’s such a joy to observe your journey. Thanks for sharing!

  2. U make me so proud!!! What an adventitious spirit you have and all the great memories u r making for all of us. We love you so much 🙂
    Take Care & God Bless


  3. Jean,
    Have a blast in Kenya! Isn’t it a visual sensation explosion?! Enjoy, and thanks for letting us tag along and live vicariously though you.

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