Flat, Sweet Flat

“Meet me at my London flat, I’ll leave my key under the mat”

Hello! I promise I haven’t fallen off of the face of the Earth during these past two post-less weeks, I’ve just been busy! For example… I have officially moved into my flat in West Kensington, London!!!


Welcome to Flat 134! Feel free to send me mail at:

Michelle Bates

134 West Kensington Ct.

Edith Villas, London

W14 9AD

(my house key is cooler than yours)


This is the main entrance area of the flat, with the front door on the right, kitchen, bathroom and Anne’s room (our land lady) on the left, straight ahead is Aasa’s room (another flatmate) and behind me in mine and Laura’s room!


The kitchen!


View from the kitchen window


The oh so exciting bathroom (toilet behind the door)


Entrance to mine and Laura’s room, with our dining table and wardrobe



Our room! My bed is on the left, and Laura’s on the right (is it obvious I like pink?)


A better view of our dining area and couch


Pieces of home



My favorite part of our room, the view of the city from our window

The placement of the flat could not be more perfect. The West Kensington tube station is right across the street, the bus station is two blocks away, our flat is on the sixth and top floor on the building meaning we get the least amount of the 24/7 city noise as possible, Tesco (a grocery store) is a block away, I could go on for quite a while but to keep from doing that I will simply say it is perfect.

I’ve been back in London since Sunday morning, and am actually heading back up to Coventry via bus (waaaayyy cheaper than by train) tomorrow afternoon for soon to be blogged about events! But since I’ve been here I’ve started learning the area and streets around me and being able to navigate them without getting hopelessly lost. I’ve also learned Primark is the best store ever, I mean 4 pounds for bed sheets?! Doesn’t get much better than that!

The night after I arrived I went with my roommate Laura to a coffee house of sorts in Camden called InSpiral, an all organic cafe aka hippy central, to watch open mic performances with her friends. Well, it ended up being me watching a drunk man interpretive dance infront of the stage with daffodils stolen from the table centerpieces, while the musicians performed in the background. Besides the homesickness striking again, I had a great time! Shout out to daffodil man for helping me get through that!


Anyways, that’s all I’ve got to say for now!



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