Pampered Pooches on Parade

Fancy meeting you here, reader!

This weekend I went back to Coventry for Niki’s (my British sister) birthday, UK mother’s day, and Crufts, the world’s largest dog show!

I never would have thought I would end up attending a dog show in my life, but that’s where I found myself with Linda and Niki on Sunday! Crufts was hosted in Birmingham, so a quick ten minute train ride was all it took for us to get there and be swarmed by every pure bred dog in existence. And I really do mean every dog, seeing as we spent around three hours walking from stall to stall petting dogs in Discovery portion. ImageImageImageImage

Don’t worry mom, I saw only five different types of Dachshunds


I also got my fill of Golden Retrievers! There was a group of 16 people and their Goldens (forgive me, I forgot what they are called) that choreograph a walking routine to music with their dogs, and lets just say they put my dogs to shame, as well as me since the dogs seem to be more coordinated than I am.


Throughout the whole show, I didn’t stumble upon a single red Goldie, aka my dogs are really cool


The dogs, completely ignored each other during the routine and always kept their eyes on their owner, that would not go over too well with DrakeyImage

As well as performing dogs at Crufts, there are booths selling anything and everything you could ever think of relating to dog needs. Yep, that includes Swarovski Crystal dog collars, c’mon people, cough up that cash!


Posh pup getting fluffed up and hair-sprayed for the show!Image

In conclusion, dog shows are definitely a whole other world!

I’m back in London as of today, so who knows what this week will hold for me in this crazy city! One thing I do know though, is that I get to see Caity Dickson aka one of my best friends in t-minus ten days!!!

Farewell for now!


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