Cotswold Farm Animal Frenzy!

Howdy from the farm, y’all!

Since it is currently half term (a week long school break in the UK) we watched Linda’s goddaughter, Emilia, for the day while her mom was at work. And what better to do with a four year old then go to a farm! So mixing my tourism with the entertainment of a child, we went to the Cotswold Farm Park!

While Emilia was entranced with holding baby chicks and sliding down slides on the playground, I took the opportunity to capture the liveliness of the animals of the farm.ImageImageImageImageImage


Such a kissable face, don’t you think?IMG_1752

Momma pig must feel how Mya did when she had her puppies


Some escapee piglets from their inclosure


And that concludes my day amongst farm animals! Sorry for the minimal words in this post, but I’m off on an exciting adventure tomorrow so keep an eye out for more in the near future!

Have a lovely day soaking up the sun, damn Californians,


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