Proper Castles, Pubs, Priests and Pancakes

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

Before we get into my latest adventures, allow me to introduce you to my latest obsession in the music world, who, of course, is a Brit! (if you know anything about me, it’s that all of my favorite artists are from the UK).

Meet Lewis Watson:

Listen and love ❤ I bought my ticket to his gig in London at the end of March today and I am so stoked!

Friday Linda and I went to Warwick Castle! Unlike Kenilworth Castle I previously posted about, this castle is still very much in one piece and functioning as a tourist attraction (making it the Proper Castle I’m referring to in my title).ImageImageImage

Welcome to the castle grounds!Image

Ready to climb some hundred odd stairs to the highest tower! Image

Not the most enjoyable workout, especially when you’re wearing so many layers you feel like Ralphie from A Christmas StoryImage

But it’s definitely worth the view!

The Great Hall of the castleImage

The town of WarwickImageNeighborhood by the castleImage

The Avon running through the castle property

The motte-and-bailey castle was built in 1068, established by William the Conquerer, to maintain control of the Midlands of England, after a the Norman conquest. William appointed Henry de Beaumont to (the son of a powerful Norman family and later made the first Earl of Warwick) as constable of the castle.

In 1153, the wife Roger de Beaumont (2nd Earl of Warwick) was tricked into believing her husband was dead and surrendered control of the castle to the invading army of Henry of Anjou (later became King Henry the Second).

As much as I would love to continue teaching you about the Warwick Castle, there is so much information and so many owners throughout the decades, it is overwhelming and would make this the longest post ever! So the lesson will end here.

Saturday night I went out to the pubs with Nicki and Te for their friends birthday. Now keep in mind I’m 19, making it illegal for me to be in a bar in the US, but I’m a full year in the clear over here! So, that makes another first! Image

Pints pints pints!Image

Onto the next the next tourist attraction! Tuesday we went to see the Coventry Cathedral, or Saint Michael’s Cathedral,  a big attraction in the town because it was hit by fire bombs in 1940 during the German Blitzkrieg. ImageImage

Standing inside the old Cathedral, which was destroyed during the Coventry Blitz on November 14, 1940


 The Cathedral after the bombing

The raid lasted 11 hours, killed 600 people, and injured over 1,100.Image

A stonemason named Jack Forbes wired together two charred timbers that had fallen in the shape of a cross and stood them in the rubble where the altar once stood.

Last but not least, Pancake Day! Something we don’t do at home (at least that I’m aware of)!

It is the last day before Lent begins, and as most know, Lent is a time to give something up, or a time of abstinence towards something, so Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day is the last day to indulge and use up the foods you arn’t allowed during Lent. It is specifaclly a day for pancakes because they contain fat, butter and eggs, which are all forbidden for the following 40 days.ImageImage

Yes, pancakes are different here then the ones we have at home. They’re more like a crepe than the pancakes I generally douse in syrup. This one has strawberry jam on it.

Hope you all have a warm Californian day while I freeze my butt off!



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  1. Michele,
    Love your pictures!!!!!
    I’m so glad that you are having such a wonderful time.
    Every one here at Jean Bates & Associates wishes you a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.
    We’re glad you can hold your alcohol.
    Linda Owens

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