Where Art Thou, Shakespeare?

Hello again!

Since we last spoke (aka I wrote, you read), I have seen Les Miserable in another country (way cooler then at home, beat that Stacey!), and helped out in Linda’s year one (kindergarten) class where I was asked “what language do you talk?”, was told “you’ve got an American voice!” and been on the receiving end of extensive stares.

Today our destination was Stratford, or more commonly known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare! As we locked up house and headed for the car this morning, one of the workers (they are doing renovations on the outside of the house)  asked me where I was from. After watching his eyes bulge when I told him “California”, I was suffocated in a hug as he said “I’ve got to tell me wife I’ve hugged a Californian!!!”. Strange start to the morning if you ask me!

*you’ll have to excuse the poorer quality of the pictures, I forgot my camera and home and had to turn to my trusty iPhone camera


Yes, Stratford like Stratford, Ontario where Justin Bieber grew up. And yes again  Avon like Avon Theater that he used to perform outside of.

Another coincidence, Justin refers to Romeo and Juliet in this song:


bet ya’ll love my lesson to you on the Biebs 🙂



A statue of Shakespeare along The Avon, as well as statues of select characters from his plays


So many swans on The Avon! Another thing I’ve learned while being here is that all swans are the property of the Queen and it is illegal to kill one.


This swan wanted to be my friend, but I rejected that when I ran away. The beasts are much bigger then they appear in the water.


The Royal Shakespeare Theater


The Shrieve’s house and barn, aka the oldest lived in house in Stratford.

During the 16th century this building was an Inn, run by a man named William Rogers, who it is said was the inspiration for William Shakespeare’s character, Falstaff.

It became the home of John Woolmer in the 17th century, who was the first mayor of Stratford.

It is also documented to be the most haunted building in England, making me very very scared of it.

We took a tour of the building which I cut short when I practically ran through half of the rooms in order to get out. When I found out they do haunted tours of the same building at night I couldn’t help but panic, I know, I’m a wimp.


Pretty old building

Drumroll please…….Image

The home of William Shakespeare; where began the life of the cause to read and actually comprehend Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer’s Night Dream, thank you good sir (note the sarcasm).


The cute shop across from Shakespeare’s home, all decked out in Union Jack flags (although I don’t know why it’s still decorated for Christmas)


As well as visit the historical home, we fit some shopping in while in Stratford! Another first, and something to check off on my “English Bucket List”, I went shopping at Jack Wills!Image

The new phone case I bought

Today is the one week mark since I landed in London, but it feels like so much longer! I’ve been to so many places throughout England it’s unbelievable I’ve done it all in seven days. I’m excited to see what happens in the future!

Adieu and I would thee a fine day/Goodbye and I wish you a good day,


P.S. my sister is an avid dancer when it comes to Pump Up The JamImage


  1. haha of course you would love Jack Wills and hate the haunted house. your travels sound SO fun Beavs and I am just so excited that you’re having so much fun in this wondrous country. I’m slogging through applications and interviews and papers right now and I can’t even begin to describe my level of jealousy right now! A few quick notes:
    1) Swans = awful. I agree 110% with your fear and the only thing worse are geese and CoCo just decided my bossy-farm animal nickname is BossyGoose. I am not amused.
    2) SHAKESPEARE = omg so cool. bow in awe at his birthplace. I note your sarcasm about his plays and I answer you with the following sample of genius “Love sought is good, but giv’n unsought is better.” SO. GOOD. (from Twelfth Night btw)
    3) My British history nerd is rejoicing in all the fun historical facts your integrating into these updates – Tudors! Shakespeare characters! Love it all – keep it coming 🙂

    1. Apps and interview para que??
      Yeah they’re evil monsters! YES I love it! Coco, I plan on earning a bossy-farm animal name this summer, lady.
      Just wait till Friday, I’ll be going to the Warick Castle!
      Thanks Naynay ❤

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